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Fully Automatic Vertical Cutting Machine VS 1300

Fully automatic vertical cutting machine VS 1300

Increased Safety and Productivity

The vertical cutting machine VS 1300 meets the highest security requirements and increases productivity through its easyness of operation.

Unique design for fast, precise foam cutting

  • High standard dimensions (for example 2500 mm working length)
  • Control display with blade voltage indicator, residual material display, sum display, cutting thickness and much more.
  • Electrically adjustable blade guard and guide (linear)
  • Feed rate for one-sided cutting adjustable separately (forward and reverse)
  • Loading and parking position adjustable
  • Adjustable speed of side stops in automatic mode (soft start)
  • 3 or 4 KW blade motor with brake (stop time is about 1 second)
  • Blade change without tools
  • Tables made of solid steel welding construction with a work surface made of anodized aluminum plates with 3 mm thickness

VS 1300 with custom color

Standard Dimensions of the vertical cutting machine

ComponentsStop heightWorking width
Right table1240 mm2200 mm
Left table1240 mm2200 mm
ComponentsWorking lengthWorking height
Right table2500 mm1300 mm
Left table2500 mm1300 mm

Evidently any other size is possible (smaller, larger, even higher).

Advantages and optional equipment

  • with 1 or 2 side stops
  • with or without grinding device
  • with or without dolly / side table
  • easy operation
  • large 10" color touch panel
  • Cutting heights up to 1600 mm on request (VS 1600)
  • For example, PU, PE, styrofoam, rock wool, etc. (very high volumetric weight)
  • Servo drive technology
  • Cutting portal and driven side stop on linear guides on racks
  • novel diameter wheels, cut and wear resistant for fabulously long runtimes
  • electric blade voltage readable in the display
  • 3 or 4 KW blade motor with brake inverter
  • blade guide with or without blade retaining rollers
  • preparation for cutting dust extraction system
  • blowers / block lifter
  • path measurement

More information on request.

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