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 Spare Parts and Consumables

FTSM has a large selection of spares and accessory parts on stock. New and overhauled parts can be offered, also in exchange for your used and defect machine parts.

If you need special spare parts or accessory parts, FTSM will do its utmost to help you as quickly as possible.


  • Possible repairs save replacement costs.
  • Your spare parts reserves remain as far as possible obtained. By fast repairs the standstill times of your machine and thus production losses are reduced.
  • Consultancy in the supply of spare parts, which contributes to cost reduction during repair work.

Complete Oscillation drive as well as spare parts for this (e. g. connecting rod ("bone") Wheel hub, wire cable tail sheave          Knife torsion on the left and right side (OFS)

Knifes         Knife tail sheave, wheel hub with or without axis; special model is also possibleCutting blade motor and geared direct-current motor

Pedestal bearing for the knife running wheel         Control panel (Alpha)Control unit (Alpha)

Drive motor x-, y-, z - axis

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