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Prior to establishing his own business in 1999, Rolf Fuhr worked for a well-known manufacturer of cutting machines for foams for more than 10 years. There he was involved in the construction and assembly of such special machines of all current types of this manufacturer at home and abroad.
Rolf Fuhr, however, did not stop at this level of knowledge. He rather grew on purpose and continuously by acquiring additional experience and knowledge in the repair or implementation of foam cutting machines from a wide range of manufacturers worldwide.

Since then, Rolf Fuhr has not only worked on and with the machines of a specific manufacturer but has been familiar with machine types from a wide variety of manufacturers. This is due to his great professional competence. As a so-called "all-rounder", it is well-versed in every type of foam cut-to-size machine of all established brands.

FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH is exactly the right partner for the repair, conversion or relocation of a part or of the complete machinery park.

If you order FTSM GmbH even with even the most diverse machine types of the various manufacturers, you

● do not need to order specific fitters from different companies,
● get everything from one hand instead,
● saving your time and money.

Since then, Rolf Fuhr, who initially operated under the name "Foam Tech Service", has been operating with this ambition.

Founding of FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH

At the end of 2006, Rolf Fuhr founded FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH and expanded the range of machines for the foam processing industry. This led to the design and construction of a new, now patented vertical cutting machine. In addition an oscillating contour cutting machine has been designed from scratch, which has triangular pushrods that center independently during cutting.

With his experience and consequently pursuing his goal, Rolf Fuhr has "welded" a young, talented and dedicated team. This team will provide you with their experience and expertise, aligned to your goal.
This experience, which is all about foam cutting machines, is offered by FTSM GmbH to your company

● no matter the size of your company
● no matter the extent of the offered services or products you might need.

Your advantage is in the experience of FTSM Foam Tech Services & Machines GmbH. Please do not hesitate to
contact us and get to know us.