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Fully automatic KSM 1400 CNC

KSM 1400

This model is a fully automatic contour cutting machine with an oscillating cutting tool. This machine is equipped with innovative self-centring blade turners in an extremely solid design. The work tables have the tried and tested solid welded steel construction by FTSM GmbH.

The motors and controllers are generously dimensioned so that the movements are highly dynamic. The selected drive design ensures that no wish remains unanswered in terms of working length and working height.

Standard dimensions

Working height of 1400 mm
Working length of 2500 mm / with rotary table 2200 mm
Working width of 2200 mm

Working width up to 2400 mm are possible.

The machine depicted above is the new KSM 1400 - D. The "D" indicates a manual rotary table (2200 mm x 2200 mm) with a non-slip sand covering. On request the machine can be equipped with a retainer.


● G-Code and SLD files can also be processed on the machine.
● The 21" touchscreen PC is network-compatible and easy to operate.
● Loading and unloading position, as well as rotary table position are pre-adjustable.
● The machine is CE-certified.
● Stöber motors with absolute converter.

Our KSM 1400 CNC can cut contours and shapes with a very high level of filigrane details! The following Pictures will demonstrate this impressively.

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