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Semi automatic VS 1300 ST-H

VS 1300 ST-H

This type is a semi-automatic sliding table machine which is manufactured in the well-proven steel welding design.
This machine is also available in various dimensions and equipment. In the illustrated machine are scheduled:

● Working height: 1300 mm
● Working length: 2500 mm
● Working width, right side: 2030 mm
● Working width, left side: 2050 mm
● Side stop height: 1240 mm

Due to the sophisticated technology the moving elements of this otherwise torsionally rigid machine - e.g. the hand-operated table - can be operated easily.

The engines are dimensioned generously. Depending on the customer's choice the machine can be equipped with optional reasonable accessories - e.g. grinding device & a. m. .
In this machine the side stop on the right is delivered motorized. The individually desired infeed program can be pre-selected via a 1-axis control so that the operator only has to move the easy-moving sliding table after the respective automatic feed of the cut material. The control system of FTSM GmbH naturally also provides other interesting and innovative features.

Innovative features

The knife guard is motor-driven. The clamping support as well as the knife sharpening device are easy to operate as soon as the sliding table is locked in its rear position.
In this situation the change of the belt knife can also be carried out quickly and safely. After opening the eight aggregate doors only a few wing screws have to be removed underneath the affected bearing surfaces as well as one in the area of ​​the knife gap after the linear guided tensioning support has been turned back and the band knife has been relaxed. With appropriate safety clothing, the exchange can then be carried out easily and quickly.
The VS 1300 ST-H offers a further innovative feature to ensure that the new blade can be put on and adjusted as simply and securely as possible:
By turning off the control switch located in the control cabinet prior to the knife change the motor brake is released as well. Consequently, for adjusting the belt knife on the impeller the operator does not need to turn it against the braking force but this operation is easy, this is without great effort - a further contribution by FTSM GmbH to increase productivity and safety! After 5 minutes the brake will automatically activate again. The knife tension can also be read in the touch panel.

Videos of the semi automatic VS 1300 ST- H

The VS 1300 ST-H vertical cutting machine can be used to cut many different materials. The videos show some examples.

Cutting polyurethane foams:

Polyurethane foam cut exactly and easily.

Cutting rock wool

Rock wool can be cut flat or square - fast and precisely.

Cutting composite foams

Composite foams can also be cut standing upright.

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