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Knife running wheels

At the sector spares / consumables we have also been innovative.

The challenge was: Is it possible to produce running wheels lasting longer, i.e. less abrasion and useable for wet materials and also with a breaking time of less than 2 seconds?

Are economical and more safety giving improvements possible?

Our response is:
Yes, we can!

We can offer you such knife running wheels new to their kind.

Novelty is not only the material, but also the renouncement of gumming the running surface. It is an innovation with extensive effects!


● no gumming on the running surface of the wheels means no tumbling, i.e. no abrasion from the running wheels in front of and below the band knife
● the running surface of the knife wheel can be shaped
● no charges for renewing of worn or damaged gumming
● consequently no cost for non-operation periods
● by providing the running wheels with treats also wet materials can be cut (no "aquaplaning" of the band knife)
● braking time in less than 2 seconds by use of novel material
● deliverable in all marketable dimensions

Further information you will find in the rubric
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